Ad Agency Exec., Jeff Mustard, Publishes “Creative Brief/Case Study” Affording Business Owners and Marketing Directors Inside Look at Successful Ad Campaign Development

Business owners and marketing directors curious how an advertising agency evaluates a client’s business and then develops an advertising campaign now have access to an actual client sample of an agency’s analysis, recommendations, and the positioning and messaging involved in writing and producing a national radio adverting campaign, including fully produced radio commercials and radio scripts.  

Agency Insights Offered to Business Owners & Marketing Directors

“This creative brief should prove deeply illuminating to business owners and marketing directors,” says Mustard, a veteran, multiple-award winning radio script writer and radio producer, and President of The Radio Producers,  “it’s a blue print, with myriad industry applications, that can serve as a critically important launching point in assisting companies seeking direction for their organization’s marketing efforts.”

The Radio Producers | Jeff Mustard’s Ad Agency Creative Brief

This detailed, eye-opening creative brief reveals analysis of the competitive space, parses the psychological approach to marketing and provides insights into numerous strategic arenas that must be considered and evaluated when an agency, or in-house marketing director, is seeking to establish a mass media marketing message coupled with the company’s approach to market. 

The “Advertising Agency Creative Brief/Case Study” sheds light on how Agencies:

  • Evaluate a Client’s Product/Service
  • Determine Emotional and Psychological Pressure Points that Resonate with Consumers
  • Variables to help Establish a Competitive Edge and Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Approach Messaging Ideation and Concepting 
  • Establish and Develop “Credibility and Proof” Elements
  • Determine Sales Points that Drive Competitive Advantage  
  • Leverage Sales and Marketing Points into New Target Audiences for Increased Sales 
  • Included are 9 Radio Scripts – 6 produced, three Unproduced 


A successful advertising industry exective and highly creative writer and marketing strategist, Mustard points out, “there is art, skill, and craft that is essential to writing and producing successful radio advertising, the operative word being ‘” successful.’” Mustard points out, “Anyone can write a radio spot, but do they have the experience and expertise specifically in the radio writing and producing arena to ensure its success.” 

Jeff Mustard’s Ebook – “Make Your Radio Advertising Work: 24 Expert Tips to Write and Produce Powerful Radio Ads” 

With decades of experience and proven expertise, Jeff Mustard has written an Ebook that contains the most important facts essential to writing and producing effective radio ads. As Mustard points out in his Ebook, radio advertising is powerful and can have an immediate impact on a company’s sales, marketing and branding. On the flip side, it can also be extremely costly if it is not executed properly.  According to Mustard, “most radio ads, even at the highest levels are flawed in one way or another, whether it’s incompatible music, a poor voice talent read or even a terrible offer or no offer at all, it’s astounding how many bad radio ads there are on national radio.” 

"Make Your Radio Advertising Work: 24 Expert Tips to Write and Produce Powerful Radio Ads,"  is a must-read for any company contemplating the use of radio advertising, or presently using radio advertising. Packed with valuable information this exceptional tutorial cuts to the quick with “24 Expert Tips" guaranteed to have an immediate impact on improving the results of any company's radio campaign, will help increase leads and generate more sales.  

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About the Author | Jeff Mustard

Jeff Mustard is an advertising executive with more than 25 years of experience in all facets of the broadcast communications arena and the principle of three media companies—advertising/marketing/public relations, (, radio writing and radio commercial production (, and video writing and production for sales/marketing video and television commercials (  His unique multi-channel, multi-media, integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns utilize the complete spectrum of today’s media outlets. Mr. Mustard’s work has aired locally, regionally and nationally on behalf of local, regional and national clients. His creative strategies have helped to completely rebrand, and reposition companies in the marketplace; his advertising and marketing successes have generated tens of thousands of leads, enhancing branding, improving sales and, most importantly, increasing client ROI.

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