Writing and producing your radio spot is one thing. Placing it in the right markets, on the right radio stations, matching the right demographic, is a completely different matter.  The Radio Producers  has extensive experience in negotiating and placing broadcast schedules. 

We understand all aspects of radio schedule purchase, specifically:

Although “placing media” is something you can do yourself, The Radio Producers can negotiate, place and traffic radio schedules for you. If you've never bought media, this isn't something you should do on your own and learn by yourself. And, if you have bought media before, unless you are a real pro, and you truly know what you are doing, there's a good chance we can help you make a better buy. 

1.   The fair market value and cost per rating point (CPP) of radio advertising in each of your markets.

2.   Determining the rating point level that will assure success of your campaign.

3.   How to determine your best demographic target audience.

4.   What are the best radio formats for your schedule.

5.   How to determine the effective number of spots needed for each station.

6.  How to negotiate lower rates than can be obtained by an inexperienced radio buyer.

7.   Obtaining maximum value-added, often at a 2 to 1 ratio to paid schedules.

8.   Accurate ordering and trafficking of your radio schedules, making sure your schedules comply with the broadcast calendar.

9. Monitoring horizontal and vertical rotation, insuring that schedules that run incorrectly are free of charge.

What’s the difference between “placing” media and “traffic?” 

“Placing the media” is the actual creation, negotiation and implementation of the actual radio buy schedule – where your spot(s) run on a radio station/network and what times your spot(s) runs.

 “Trafficking” is

a) ensuring that the radio/media entity has clear instruction(s) about the schedule

b) reviews the “audited” radio buy, which is the schedule that comes back to you/us (the client/agency, approx. one week-ish after the flight of the schedule) reflecting the “actual” spot run and that the spots “we/you bought” ran when it/they were supposed to.

Making Sure you “Get What You Pay For”

If you never bought “radio” before you don’t want to be your own first client. It is a highly specialized arena and requires a unique set of analytic skills to understand the vernacular, metrics and statistics that a “radio rep” will throw at you. Everything a radio rep will tell you sounds good, especially to an untrained ear, meaning a “non-professional.” 

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on your radio advertising, probably tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars over any real long-term buy, you want to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and making the smartest radio buy.


Do the spots always run when they are supposed to? No. For myriad reasons this simply does not always happen. We ensure that you (the client) gets what they paid for and then also communicate with the station/media entity with appropriate administration and follow through that the radio station/media entity provides any “make good” spots on those that didn’t run.

Our radio buyer has 30 years of experience in buying radio and television and has placed tens of millions of dollars of radio time.  We understand the market conditions of each of your markets and can negotiate the absolute best rates possible.