Since 2013, The Radio Producers and its sister companies, and have  provided the complete range of advertising, marketing, public relations, film and video, internet/web-marketing services to the Tax Saving Professionals, a national tax consulting company that services high-net worth individuals and accredited investors. This includes new branding, new company name, new websites, extensive marketing materials, other  consulting services too numerous to mention and more than a dozen radio commercials, some of which have earned awards and radio industry recognition. 


Company reporting: 

  • Last 6 months of 2012 vs Last 6 months of 2013
  • 90% growth rate

Company History Record Sales 4 of 6 months

  • Inbound calls have dramatically improved!
  • Sep was 26% of previous year.
  • Oct was 39% of previous year.
  • Nov was 46% of previous year.
  • Dec was 52% of previous year.