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Read the Radio Script, Listen to the Radio Spot.

Spot Name: Night Club 

Spot Length: :30 

Female voice talent, both age range - 30ish… 

SFX / nightclub ambiance in background 

Girl 1: alright, so you dudes out there listen up…you think you’re hot. 

Girl 2: …you’ve got a great job, you drive a nice car… 

Girl 1: and you’ve got bank… but what’s with that hair… 

Girl 2: or rather, the lack of it (they giggle) 

(36 words to here – target length total: 90 plus or minus 5) 

Male Narrator (guy around 30) : Yo, dudes, look, you’re too young not to have hair, and let’s face it, chicks dig guys with hair. If you want to stop your hair loss, call Bauman Medical Group today. 32 

Back to Nightclub ambiance: 

Girl 1: so, if you want our number, call this number right now… 

Girl 2: Yeah, that’s 1 – 800 GET HAIR, that’s 1-800 GET HAIR now, 

Girl 1: Or visit, that’s Bauman 28 



Spot Name: Scarecrow 

Spot Length: :30 

Male and Female VO - cut two versions 

Hey guys, remember those old fashioned hair transplants… let’s face it, they looked ridiculous and everyone knew it… 

From that silly pluggy doll hair to those laughable corn rows… (music/sfx; kids playground “popping sound” and “scare crows flapping wings flying away) 

But, that was then, this is now. (dry for this sentence, no music) 

(music change) Technology has changed everything, including the hair transplant process. Today’s hair transplant produces a 100% natural, undetectable, soft and feathery hairline. No scalpel, no stitch, no linear scar. (29) 

Best of all…no more plugs, no more corn rows (7) Sfx: stick in a popping sound and the scarecrows screeching and flapping away: 

Call 800 Get Hair, that's 800 Get Hair or visit that’s 13