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Title: Big City Snooze

If you're a "big city" dweller who travels a lot, this is the tape for you.

Are you from New York, LA, Boston or any other big town? Do you travel for business or pleasure to the mid-west and find yourself in a little “burb” where there is absolutely nothing going on, especially at night? Well, if you have trouble sleeping because it’s just too darn quiet, Big City Snooze is just what you need.

(SFX to match audio)

If you find yourself tossing and turning and you just can't get to sleep with out the squeal of an ambulance, the chirp of a police car siren, the never ending honking of cabs, or the grinding of metal cans against concrete while garbage trucks collect trash, then Big City Snooze is just for you. Big City Snooze gives you the unsettling sounds of (SFX; AMBULANCE) total city insanity that will make you feel right at home.

Do you miss the street corner pimp crackin' his "ho" upside the head, (164)

Big City Snooze is for you.

Are you anxious to hear junkies screaming at one another across dark, empty city streets at all hours of the night? 27

...(fade out)

Then Big City Snooze will make you feel as unsafe as ever, just like in your

big city. 11

To hell with counting sheep. If that doesn’t hit home with you, then maybe a stray bullet or two will help you find your perfect sleep in the middle of nowhere: (a cacophony of SFX: sound of 2 gun shots, woman scream, police sirens) 31

It's all here on this one audio CD packed with these very special sounds of the city...