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Title: Parrot | Length: :60

Scene/setting: Office Environment – 2 men, 1 has a parrot on his shoulder

SFX: Office environment

Man 1 (this is the man with the parrot on his shoulder): Hey Ray

SFX: parrot screech

Man 2: (a little shocked) And, hello there…Drew…whatcha got there on your shoulder…

Man 1: It’s a Parrot

SFX: Parrot Screech, parrot says: cut my taxes

Man 2: Uh, yes, but why do you have a parrot on your shoulder?

Man 1:  It’s a reminder…

SFX; Parrot Screech

Man 2: (quizzical)  um, a reminder of what…

Parrot: cut my taxes, cut my taxes

Man 1: uh, there ya go, he just said it…

Man 2: What? “cut my taxes.” 

Man 1: yup, exactly, it’s a reminder of how much money I’m saving…

Man 2: Saving on what?

Parrot: screech “cut my taxes, cut my taxes”

Man 1:  Like the bird says, “My taxes.” I’m getting this really smart tax advice from the Tax Saving Professionals, since 1998 they’ve helped more than 7000 clients save more than half a billion dollars in taxes.

Man 2: What, that’s insane…

Parrot: cut my taxes, cut my taxes.

Man 1: …What’s insane is that the average American pays 31% in taxes and the average client at Tax Saving Professionals pays 15% in taxes…

Man 3: (man 3 enters, sfx footsteps) Hey guys, so, Drew, whatcha got there?

Man 2: Alrighty then, I’m gonna go now…

Anncr: Outro: just dial #250 on your cell phone and say “CutMyTaxes,” and you’ll automatically be connected to our offices and instantly receive a text to your phone with a link directly to our website.  Just dial #250 and say CutMYTaxes, that’s #250 and say “cut my taxes” –  46 words / :15 seconds