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Radio Commercial # 5:  Dr. Vinny the Dentist – National Tooth Fairy Association

1st Female (talent: Mary Chamberlin) (sounds like could be the “good witch” from Wizard of oz, sort of airy and whispery) sfx is the ambient sound of the din of a large room, a congregation of people -

Welcome to the National Annual Tooth Fairy Association Conference.  Our Vice Chair, Antoinette, from New Jersey, will begin the meeting.   :06

Antoinette:  (Antoinette sounds like a traditional gravely mouthed mobster)

Okay, let’s get started.   1.75

1st Female : (Talent: Mary Chamberlin)  

Anthony, I mean….Antoinette, remember; use your special “tooth fairy voice”  / 5

Male 1: Antoinette: (in mobster tone/attitude) Oh, yeah, right…   1.75 (clears throat and then speaks light and fairy like, but doing not such a good job, he sounds like a new jersey mobster trying to talk like a “fairy”)

Male 1: We’re taking nominations for Best Cosmetic Dentist / 3

2nd Female:  (Talent / Danita) (someone from the back of the room chimes in) I nominate Dr. Vinny the Dentist  / 2

SFX: big audience reaction, multiple voices in background (male and female – all sounding sort of like “tooth fairy’s”)

3rd Female: Oh yes, Dr. Vinny the dentist, (his name is heard several times (at least twice by different “tooth fairy audience members” in the b.g.) with sort of overlapping effect, but his name must be absolutely crystal clear.)

2nd Male Fairy (very gay) (Talent: Eduardo) :  I heard Dr. Vinny is fabulous / 2

Anncr:  If you’re unhappy about your teeth or want to improve your smile, visit,  that’s, endorsed by the National Tooth Fairy Association.   9.25