Jeff Mustard, President/Creative Director of The Radio Producers, Produces New National Radio Campaign Airing on Sirius XM

Veteran award-winning writer/producer/director Jeff Mustard, and his company, has recently completed writing/producing a package of 8 sixty-second radio commercials on behalf of client Tax Saving Professionals, a national tax consulting company whose radio commercials will air on various financial news stations on Sirius XM.


Boca Raton, Fl….Radio commercial writer, radio commercial production expert, Jeff Mustard, Creative Director/President The Radio Producers (, a full service, award-winning national radio commercial production company has just completed writing, producing and directing a new national radio commercial campaign for “Tax Saving Professional’s,” a national tax consulting company whose clientele includes high net-worth individuals and accredited investors. The radio campaign includes a package of eight sixty-second radio commercials that will air on Sirius XM. 

The radio commercials are unique in that they are an interesting mix of both branding and direct response tactics,” says Mustard, a multiple award-winning writer/producer director whose signature high production value approach to producing radio commercials has benefitted clients large and small, locally, regionally and nationally. “The wonderful thing about radio,” says Mustard, “is for a fraction of the cost of what it costs to do television commercials, a company can achieve that big national sound.” 


Hybrid Radio Commercials – Branding Meets Direct Response

According to Mustard, this hybrid spot of “branding meets direct-response” requires an artful, delicate balance to strike. “Making the phone ring, or driving traffic to a website or a retail store is generally the desired endgame for most clients,” says Mustard, who has also written material for three of the nation’s largest radio comedy syndicators and whose work is also published extensively in print and television.

These 8 new radio commercials skillfully blend branding with a direct-response component. According to Mustard, two of the radio commercials are “generics” that discuss the tremendous success the company has had in working with clients nationally and their ability to consistently help pay between 30% - 50% less taxes than they are paying right now. The other six radio spots are an “educational teaser for high net-worth individuals.” 


Airing on:


Syndication-Style – “Financial Education Teasers”

Mustard and his company, has produced nearly two dozen radio commercials for “Tax Saving Professionals,” since becoming the advertising and marketing agency of record in 2013. In fact, Mustard’s company, is responsible for the entire rebranding of the organization including creating the name of the organization from its prior moniker through to producing two iterations of the company’s website. In this most recent radio campaign, six of the new radio spots are written to promote a specific advanced tax strategy or a particular deduction.  These spots open with the world famous and highly recognized New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell. “Within 1 second people in the world of financial services will automatically be drawn to the spot,” says Mustard. The six spots then continue with an opening line, “Here’s another tax saving tip from “Tax Saving Professionals.’” Using three voices for each spot, Mustard created a syndicated series’ of sorts, using the second voice talent as a dry read, using: 18 seconds of the spot and 50 words description in each radio commercial as a “donut” to explain a particular tax strategy or deduction. 

This radio package and the varied combination of these radio commercials are compelling,” says Mustard, “the message, the branding and some powerful memorable phrasing combined with high production values, such as driving music and keen sound effects have resulted in strong call-to-action, attention-getting radio.” The spots will air on FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC and Bloomberg. They can be heard at

About Jeff Mustard/The Radio Producers

Jeff Mustard is an advertising, marketing, and public relations veteran with various companies in mass media marketing and communications. His strategies have helped launched start-up enterprises and grown organizations into multi-million dollar corporations. He has worked at the highest levels of business, government and the political arena including gubernatorial, White House, and the United Nations. He is a multiple award-winning writer, producer, director who has worked with clients large and small across the country as marketing consultant or provider of advertising, marketing and communications services, including a significant amount of specialty work in Financial Services, Real Estate and Healthcare.  

Jeff Mustard’s Companies Include: – a radio production company – a full service advertising, marketing, public relations company. – a specialty full-service radio production company. – an art brokerage/art representation company.