Radio Commercial Writer/Producer, Jeff Mustard, Publishes Article that Helps Companies Improve Radio Advertising Results


This article is a must-read for any company contemplating the use of radio advertising, or presently using radio advertising. Packed with valuable information by multiple award-winning radio writer/ producer, Jeff Mustard, this invaluable tutorial cuts to the quick with “24 Expert Tips" guaranteed to have an immediate impact on improving the results of any company's radio campaign, will help increase leads and generate more sales.  

The article, "Make Your Radio Advertising Work: 24 Expert Tips to Write and Produce Powerful Radio Ads," is intended for, and will prove useful to, the president, marketing executive, or copywriter, for small-to-medium sized businesses that currently use radio, or who may be contemplating using radio advertising.  

Jeff Mustard, President of The Radio Producers, (, has a mantle full of awards and recognitions in the fields of advertising, marketing, public relations and radio production industries. His article, available now for a limited-time-only, in pre-release at no cost to business owners, crystallizes more than two decades of experience and expertise writing and producing radio commercials, including half-hour radio shows, for companies large and small, locally, regionally and nationally. Mustard’s radio commercials, from simple straight reads, direct-response, multi-character vignettes or branding spots have generated tens of thousands of responses from listeners across the country. 

A Peek at what’s inside Jeff Mustard’s article on Radio Commercial Writing & Producing

  • Should the President of the company be the spokesperson?
  • Should music be used, if so, what type? 
  • Regional Accents and dialects? Problem, or not?
  •  Single voice read vs. multiple voice read? Which is better?
  • Does the company’s message match its target/market audience?  
  • Direct Response or Branding, which approach is right for the company?
  •  :30 seconds or :60 seconds, which is best for my company/product/service?  



Radio Advertising Works Incredibly Well, Only if it’s Used Correctly

“It’s a fact that radio is one of the most powerful medium’s available to generate immediate leads and improve sales,” says Jeff Mustard, whose company also offers clients highly-specialized radio media buying services. “Radio can provide fantastic branding and put a company’s message in front of millions of American’s virtually instantly, but the results can vary contingent upon whether or not a company adheres to, or not, some foundational principals, that they simply would not be aware of if they are not writing or producing radio commercials on a regular or consistent basis,” says Mustard.

Professional Radio Commercial Scriptwriting and Commercial Production Services Available

"Right now," says Jeff Mustard, "small business owners, marketing directors and copy writers who have an interest in radio advertising have a small window of opportunity to access this tremendously insightful article that will be released as an eBook and in various electronic forms in the near future.

“Radio commercial writing and producing is an art and craft that is hard-earned and hard-won during decades of experience,” says Mustard, “the material in my article educates the reader about what should be considered when writing radio commercials, but it doesn’t’ teach someone how to write radio commercials, for that, they may want a professional company, like The Radio Producers to do it for them.”

About the Author | Jeff Mustard

 Jeff Mustard is the founder, principal and creative director of multiple companies - an advertising agency, one of the nation’s few but fully-dedicated radio production companies, The Radio Producers (  His unique multi-channel, multi-media, integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns utilize the complete spectrum of today’s media outlets. Mr. Mustard’s work has aired locally, regionally and nationally on behalf of local, regional and national clients, and has generated tens of thousands of leads, enhancing branding, improving sales and, most importantly, increasing client ROI.

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