1/2 Hour Radio Shows 

Live Hair on the Air” – A Half Hour Radio Show by Dr. Alan J. Bauman & Kevin Rolston

Created, Written & Produced by: Jeff Mustard 

A half hour radio show devoted to hair loss? You bet. Is it even remotely possible to be interesting? Absolutely, especially if you, or someone you know suffers from hair loss and are looking for an array of remedies. One of the world's top hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Bauman hosts has a half-hour radio show on hair loss that can be heard on three Clear-Channel radio stations in South Florida, and is co-hosted by one of South Florida’s leading morning radio personalities, Kevin Rolston of the Kevin, Virginia, Morning Show,” WILD 95.5, FM. The show, best described as an old-fashioned radio variety show is as informative as it is entertaining. 

Not just packed with traditional talking-head jibber-jabber, "Live Hair on the Air" oozes the great energy of the witty, sarcastic and self-effacing good humor of Kevin Rolston, the newest member of Dr. Bauman's "Follicle Fan Club" as a recent hair transplant recipient, combined with the even-keeled, good-natured and engaging personality of Dr. Bauman, one of the nation's most recognized hair transplant surgeons. Throw in comedy clip cut-aways from across the internet, YouTube and television, sprinkle in original musical song parodies and hair loss suffers will find a unique mix of comic relief as well as medical and non-medical remedies to meet the wide range of follicular challenges faced by nearly 100 million men and women. 

Visit the website, listen to present and archived shows: www.LiveHair.TV