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Title: Young Andrew

Male/Anncr:  (B.G. – young kids school classroom), Young Andrew, president of Tax Saving Professionals, a company that helps people save thousands of dollars in taxes, always knew what he wanted to do…. 7.5

Teacher/female: So, tommy, what do you want to be when you grow up? 2.25

Boy/Tommy: A policeman, so I can fight bad guys and help people. 2.75

Teacher: very good, and you , Billy?  - 1.5

Boy/Billy:  a fireman, so I can fight fires and help people.  2.5

Teacher: And you Andrew, what do you want to be when you grow up? 3.

Boy/Andrew: I want to be a lawyer and tax accountant….2

Teacher: Really, why’s that?  1.5 – (23 to here)

Boy: I see an injustice in the American capital financial system with an unfair burden on American’s making the greatest amount of money paying the highest taxes…. When I grow up I want to help people “cut their taxes”  :10/ :33 to here:

Students in Unision: go Andrew…Cut my taxes, cut my taxes... 3.5 (36.5)

Anncr: Andrew grew up and became a lawyer and tax accountant. He formed The Tax Saving Professionals and since 1998, Andrew’s company has helped more than 7 thousand American’s across the country save more than $500 million dollars in taxes.  :11.5 – (.48)

Anncr: Outro: just dial #250 on your cell phone and say “CutMyTaxes,” and you’ll automatically be connected to our offices and instantly receive a text to your phone with a link directly to our website.  Just dial #250 and say CutMYTaxes, that’s #250 and say “cut my taxes” –  50 words / :15 seconds 

1.03 – trim .03