Below is the 'problem' radio schedule.  

Can you figure out whats good and not-so-good about it?  

(Answers Below - See Video Explanation)

How'd you do?

Here are the problems in the sample schedule:

  • Too few spots running on WAAA-AM - at least 18-25 spots per week should be running

  • WAAA-AM spots running 12A-5A (overnight) have little or no value.  If used, they should be free spots.
  • Spots running 6A-7P on both stations are not efficient and priced too high.  CPP should be negotiated closed to other dayparts.
  • WBBB-AM schedule is too heavy - 39 spots should be reduced to 19-25.
  • :30 spots on WBBB-AM should not be used.  Schedule should consist of :60's
  •  A one week schedule may not generate sufficient results.  Schedules should run 3-6 weeks